How to Teach your Dog to Kayak

I love being outside and whenever I can I like to go on adventures with my two little bodyguards. When I first took our youngest dog Mooza down to the river she was enthusiastic but timid.. I don’t think she really understood concept of there being so much water in one place but she adjusted quickly and now she’s more of a little mermaid than a puppy dog.

Teaching her how to come Kayaking with me though was a different story! My little dog, Trixie, is going on 7 years old – and while she’s not the biggest fan of being wet – as long as she’s allowed to sit on my lap she’s happy for me to paddle up and down the river all day. Mooza on the other hand is crazy curious about EVERYTHING and I honestly think we spent more time capsizing then paddling the first time she came along. But eventually I came up with a trick that helps Moo sit still and keeps Trixie and I happy and dry 🙂

First off, we needed to distract Mooza from all of the flowers and insects and birds and fish… it seemed like wherever this poor girl looked there was something exciting to draw her attention and (literally) rock the boat. What better way to attract the attention of a puppy than a bright green ball.

After we had thoroughly established that the ball was the only thing worth caring about in the entire universe we moved on by putting the ball in the Kayak and I’d do a quick circle around the little pontoon. Mooza’s attention stayed locked on me the entire time… Perfect 😛

When I pulled up alongside the pontoon Moo didn’t even seem to notice the water, and although she was a bit timid the first time, by the third or fourth go she was stepping into the Kayak like a natural.

Now came the tricky bit… sitting. My Kayak is a ‘fishing kayak’ so there’s lots of extra spaces to put things you’re supposed to use for fishing … the plan is for Moo to sit in the little hollowed out bit at the back .. but at first riding in the back wasn’t her style. This is how she used to travel before we tried the ball trick – I know.. it’s a capsize waiting to happen :O!

Now after lots of practice we have her sitting beautifully in the back 🙂 I brought along some treats in a little bag for her… the ball trick was effective for teaching her how to board and sit still at first but now I think she’s mostly in it for the food 😛

So that’s basically it… kayaking with your dogs can be loads of fun but I don’t think it’s for everyone… you defiantly need to have good balance 🙂  Even though Mooza’s basically a professional ‘kayaker’ she still likes to play up and pick me the occasional Water Lilly ❤


4 thoughts on “How to Teach your Dog to Kayak

  1. This is such a cute post! Your dog is absolutely adorable ❤❤ I laughed when you had to distract your dog from all the flowers with a bright green ball. Seemed like you guys had a blast! I wish I could do that with my little beagle.

    I have another suggestion for you! Have you ever heard of Stand-up Paddleboarding? I wrote a little bit about it if you want to check it out 🙂

    Once your dog is comfortable on a kayak, I’m sure you can try a paddleboard. It is super adorable and makes for the cutest pictures.


    1. That’s an awesome suggestion! I’ve actually been looking around for a paddle board but my studies have kept me so busy I’ve kind of lost track ! I’m heading over to check out your post right now 🙂 thanks so much for the lovely comment xx Millie 🙂

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