How to Make-Your-Own Tie-Up Headscarf

Headscarf Title

To make your own cute headscarf like the ones in the pictures below all you need is some basic sewing skills, a needle and thread and a good pair of scissors. Whenever I have scrap material lying around, or even just an old piece of clothing with a really nice pattern I love getting crafty and making myself a new accessory ❤ ❤ ❤


Step 1Collect your equipment… Pins, needles, thread to match your materials pattern, measuring tape (or you can use a piece of string), sturdy scissors and of course the fabric. I’m using a piece of fabric I had leftover from a previous project but you can use virtually anything 🙂

Bit & Bobs


Step 2Measure the circumference of your head. The easiest way to do this is to imagine that the measuring tape is in fact the finished head scarf. Wrap it around your head as you would a headband and take note of the length. Then (as a general rule of thumb) I add an extra 30cm (~12inches) onto this length to make sure that I have plenty of extra scarf to tie in a little knot.


Step 3Cut out your fabric. Using the length measured in the previous step lie your fabric out on a flat table or bench and measure this length along one side. How thick your head scarf will be is really up to personal preference –  I usually measure the width of mine to around 12cm so that when I fold it over and sew it all together the width of the actual head scarf ends up being around 5cm.

In the above pictures you might notice that the fabric I’m working with has a seam along one edge. When taking your measurements measure from the inside edge of this seam, not the edge of the fabric. You shouldn’t sew on the seam because it will be quite weak and your stitches will probably just fall through… also it would look kind of tacky 😦


Step 4Fold the fabric along the centre of its longest side so that the brightest side is in the middle and the duller coloured side is facing outwards. Then sew along this longest edge. I used a basic running stitch but if you want to make the hold stronger you could use a cross stitch or a back stitch.

After you’re finished sewing this side up turn the fabric bright-side-out and you’ll be left with a tube of fabric with the stitching on the inside.. yay 🙂


Step 5: Pretty up the ends. For this last step all we’re going to do is neatly stitch the ends into a triangular shape. To begin fold the top edge of the fabric down, pin it in place and stitch along.. it will look a bit messy but that’s ok because we’re going to fold it in on itself again so you won’t see this messy edge eventually.IMG_4799Next fold the top of the fabric so that the two corners of the same end are touching. Fold it in such a way that the edge we stitched earlier is in the middle of the fold. Pin and stitch, doing your best to stitch along the same seam as earlier.

Finally, pull the inside corner of the stitched sides outwards. This will cause the fabric to flip around on itself into a triangular shape. Now all you need to do is stitch along the bottom edge of this fold to secure it in place, then repeat the entire process down the other end of the scarf and you’re done 🙂


I hop you liked this tutorial…. If you have any questions or suggestions for me please drop me a line in the comments section and happy crafting ❤ ❤ ❤

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