Tips for Freshmen

Go to Class

This one might seem obvious but it is so easy to forget… especially around the middle of semester when all your assessments and mid-semester quizes are sneaking up on you

Read the Subject Outline

I wish somebody had really emphasised this in my first year. Your subject outline literally has EVERYTHING in it. From assessment dates, to lecture times and rooms. Have a good read of it in your first week and highlight highlight highlight 🙂

Buy a Planner and jot down all of your assessment dates

More often than not your assessment pieces will seem like they’re far away in the distant future and then before you know it they’ve snuck up on you and your left with one week and 6 assignments, 2 quizzes and a practical to prep for… get on top of this stuff NOW! Then you can sit back, relax and watch your classmates run around frantically instead.

Stay on top of your emails

A lot of lecturers will send out email notifications for things like room changes, cancelled lectures, due date extension… etc. As a good rule of thumb check your email in the morning and in the evening.

Don’t over commit

Don’t go too hard too fast!! BURN OUT is a real thing 😦 take your time, go to class and remember to have fun and schedule a few social events each week.

Dress for Success

Even though we’re at university remember the person you sit next to today might be your colleague in a few years time. FIRST IMPRESSIONS LAST… I guess this one come down to how you want to be remembered from a professional standpoint

Smile and make Friends

Say hello to someone different every day Sit next to a different person in the lectures and tuts and introduce yourself. Go to parties or movie nights or bookclub meetings  – there are so many clubs and social events happening around campus all the time – take advantage of this. Knock on your neighbours door, and leave your door open.

Set Goals for this semester

Big Goals, Little Goals, In-between Goals. Goals, Goals, Goals 🙂 Set goals for yourself and REWARD YOURSELF when you meet them! For example after you finally finish that ridiculously long reading that your English Lit prof. set for you – take 20 minutes and have a bubble bath, or go for a run, or go and hang out with friends. This will help your brain reset and you’ll come back to study feeling more motivated

happy studying

“If at first you don’t succeed – you’re normal ” – Kid President

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