The Wrong Girl ~ Book Review

Loved the writing style… found the story drap and un-amusing

The Wrong Girl, by Zoe Foster Blake, is based around a 20 somethingish TV producer Lily and the convoluted love triangle that forms around her involving her “best mate” Pete, and her newest work colleague “Ken doll” Jack.  Blake throws Lily’s best friend, swimwear model, Simone into the mix.. and essentially that’s all you need to know about the plot. I found the story line predictable and at times boring. It reminded me a lot of the plot lines from those wishy-washy TV dramas; Home and Away, Bold and the Beautiful – to name a few.

On the flip side, I love Blake’s style of writing – it is witty and amusing. The characters were described with brilliant detail and I found them all very relatable. Who among us hasn’t felt like the goofy Lily while standing beside our stunner of a best friend, Simone…or had a crush on somebody that we shouldn’t.

Overall I found this novel lacking the normal thrills and twists that I look for in a good book – but if your after an easy read The Wrong Girl would be perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon or a morning sun tanning at the beach. I don’t think I’ll be re-reading The Wrong Girl anytime soon.

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