My 3 Most Epic Failures: and how I overcame them…

What ?! 2 blog posts in one week πŸ˜› This is bananas.

Ok so, I got a bit excited last week and posted on Friday instead of Monday … which is why it might seem like I’ve gone a little bonkers writing blog posts left right and centre – but everyone stay calm… I promise after I post this there won’t be any more posts until next Monday ❀

I’ve spent my entire day writing a unit plan for the year 12 physics class I have to teach on prac… let me tell you nothing makes you feel more like a dummy than forcing your brain to try and remember all of the concepts encompassed by nuclear radioactivity… well enough to teach it to a room full of 16 year old geniuses! Golly… when I was told to not worry because “you can just learn it the night before..” I have a sneaking suspicion that teacher never taught senior physics πŸ˜€

BUT this entire unit planning exercise got me thinking about all of the other things I’m not great at (very depressing topic – sorry guys!) and then my tired little brain started thinking about all the times I’ve epically failed at life. You know those moments in life when you do something and then afterwards you think to your self Β “oh dear… that probably wasn’t the smartest choice”.

Being the optimist I am.. I decided to write down all of my epic life failures and do some detective work to figure out how exactly I got myself through it …Β *que Kelly Clarkson vocals* …”what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…. na na naa na na”…Β and it made me feel amazing. Looking back at the tough times and realising that I made it through was a really uplifting experience so I decided I’d share some of my realisations with you ❀


1. The naked-in-public highschool experience:

In reality this one could have been a lot worse. I was in year 9 (I think) and we had to go to the swimming pool to do some sort of swimming thing (I assume). I was in my little change room getting changed and just as I was in the nudey I bent over to put my swimmers on, my bare bottom bumped the door and it swung wide open for all of my classmates to see. Now firstly, the change room was not unisex so it was only my female classmate present (thank the lord) and secondly, I’ve always had swift reflexes so I was able to slam the door closed in what I think would have been less than 3 seconds – however, when you’re 15 and naked 3 seconds might as well be 3 lifetimes. The change room erupted in laughter and I was so embarrassed I had to be coaxed out by my teacher – even now as I’m writing this my cheeks are going red.

How did I overcome this epic life fail?

Glad you asked! Like most embarrassing high school experiences the best thing to heal the embarrassment is time. This story has gone from being one of the most embarrassing moments of my life to one of my funniest life stories (best retold with my best girlfriends and a bottle of wine). So if you’re reading this, and you’re in high school and you feel like your life sucks right now – trust me when I say it will get better ❀ ❀ ❀


2. The makeup experiment

This is a tough one. Β But very relatable, for most people (particularly women). There are countless times when I’ve seen some beautiful instagram personality and thought “that’s what I want to look like” then I’ve gone out, purchased some sort of magical makeup up, watched 5 youtube videos and thought “yes, I’ve got this”. Then I’ve gone out in public looking like an absolute silly-head (literally). The amount of times I’ve drawn on my eyebrows too dark, or put on so much blush that I look like a circus clown is uncountable AND the worst thing is that I usually don’t notice it until I’m out and about. I’ll be in the middle of a shopping centre, realise my makeup fail, and walk home with my bio-degradable woolies bag pulled firmly down over my head.

How did I handle this one?

Well, to be honest, I don’t think I’m ever going to be great at doing makeup. Some women have a gift – I’m not one of them. Again, I think the older I get, the more I don’t care what I look like. I have a wonderful, devoted fiancΓ© who adores my goofy natural face, and (as hard as it is) I’ve learnt to love it too.


3. Dropping Out of Med School

For a long time I considered this to be my biggest life fail. I tried it for a year, wasn’t sure. Tried it for another 6 months and decided it wasn’t for me. I think the reason this hurt me so much is because I had alway been told I was the “smart one” and in a family of 8 kids – being the smart one is a pretty big deal. I felt like I had let the world down.

What next?

It took a long time and a lot of soul searching but eventually I worked out that my happiness doesn’t depend on how other people feel about me (yes I know it’s a cliche). I took some time off, started studying education and now I can honestly say I’ve found the path my life was meant to follow ❀ When I look back it terrifies me to think what would of happened if I hadn’t realised I wasn’t made to be a doctor. Would I have finished my medical degree, began working and been miserable for the rest of my life? Medicine isn’t just a career it’s a lifestyle and I have the utmost respect for my classmates who made it through – but it just wasn’t for me. My soul is headed in a different direction.


So there you have it my 3 most epic life fails (or were they?). I have a lot more life lessons I could write about but I think I’m going to save them for another day. No doubt I have Β a lot of lessons still to learn and if nothing else, this little reflection exercise has taught me that no matter how bad things might seem at the time – when you’re at your lowest of lows … the only way to go is up ❀ Β and things will always get brighter ❀ ❀ ❀

Have a beautiful day everyone ❀ ❀ ❀

Namaste x

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