Best way to improve student math scores? Change teacher attitudes!

Good morning peeps,

As a student teacher I am constantly researching, reading and watching to keep myself informed of the latest educational news and research. I stumbled across the below article by Carolyn Jones at Mercury News, on the weekend and (although at first I as a little bit offended) after reading through I realised a lot of what is discussed rings true.

The key message embedded within the text in centred around the idea that if a teacher dislikes, or dreads, a particular topic, then their students in turn will learn to dread it too. In my limited experience within classrooms thus far I have found this to be the truth. From what I have observed students can tell if a teacher is passionate about their craft and they will mimic this enthusiasm in turn.

“Changing the way teachers felt about their own mathematical abilities led them to like the subject, which boosted their enthusiasm for teaching it”

But with al the standardised testing and consequential criticism being placed on Australian teachers how can we possibly expect them to remain passionate and enthusiastic about their craft?

I love teaching and I can not wait to finish university and join the workforce – but I am young and inexperienced and yet to face the very real challenges endured by every day teachers. The ideal we are presented with at University is, I fear, a far cry from the real world of Australian education.

Here is a link to the original article:

The study, published in the journal Education Sciences, showed that student scores improved after teachers took an online course explaining how anyone can be good at math, math is fun and useful, and can be taught in a more positive, engaging way.

via Best way to improve student math scores? Change teachers’ attitudes, study says — The Mercury News

Perhaps the key to raising the standard of Australian education can be found within the minds of teachers in Australian schools. I do have to wonder if anyone has ever thought to ask teachers how to teach? Surely they would be the most logical choice when it came to choosing a leader for educational reform.

Food for thought ❤

Have a beautiful day everyone!

Namaste x

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