My Top 5 TPT Purchases

Teachers. Pay. Teachers.

I freaking love it.

I love the colours, I love the cutesie fonts, I love the way teachers can come together and support one another. I love it all.

I love it almost as much as I love Harry Potter, and a little bit more than I love Star Wars (you don’t get to be a high school physics teacher without having a little bit of nerd in you πŸ˜‰ )

This month I have spent a little bit more time then I generally would browsing through the plethora of resources available and I’ve managed to narrow down my finds to 5 fantastic favourites.

Number ONE – S.T.R.I.V.E classroom rules and consequences

S.T.R.I.V.E. Class Rules & Behavior Consequences (Editable Templates)

Super easy to customise – I edited my copy to suit the pedagogical framework of my school and my own personal behaviour management style. I keep them above the whiteboard in my classroom – nice and clear for all of my students to refer to when they need a quick rule reminder.

Check it out HERE

Number TWO – Class Slides with Timers

Class Slides with Timers | Classroom Management

Yes yes yes 1000 times YES!!! As a new teacher one of my personal struggles is keeping track of the time I spend on each activity – and sometimes, when little Johnny is playing up, and little Jenny has broken up with her boyfriend, and little Jill is acting like a peanut I get so busy with behaviour management and keeping students on task that I lose track of time and activities run over. These slides (while not necessary for every class, every session, of every day) are an incredibly helpful tool for my lower level maths classes – especially on those days when my kids just don’t want to learn!

Check them out HERE!

Number THREE – Amy Groesbeck Fonts Volume 9

Amy Groesbeck Fonts: Volume Nine

Whoop Whoop! Volume 9 is my favourite volume by Amy Groesbeck by far. Not only does it include my favourite cutsie font (Stay in Your Lane ❀ ) but it has 2 super useful 2-D / 3-D maths fonts that I use all of the time when creating slides that require equations, shapes and prisms.

Get your write on HERE!

Number FOUR – Kids Number Clip Art Bundle

Kids Number Clip Art Bundle

Cutsie clip art… not always useful but matches my style.

Get your own set HERE

Number FIVE – Assignment Slides

Assignment Slides

This resource is awesome – but it is designed for Primary school (I’m guessing). I had to edit a few bits and pieces to make it High-Schooler-ish but it didn’t take me long and overall this resource is a fantastic time saver. I set them up so that the “To-Do” section is now a “Warm Up Quiz” . The “You will need” section saves so many unnecessary questions at the start of class it is uncanny. Plus the slides are super cute ❀ (I received many many compliments from my year 8 class).

Check them out HERE

So there you go – my top 5 favourite TPT resources (for now… lets be honest I spend so much time browsing TPT I’ll probably have another 50 favourite items by tomorrow afternoon). If you have any follow up questions about the above resource or if you’d like to know more about how I integrate them in my classroom drop me a line in the comments section.

Until next time! Have a blessed week teacher besties !