Beginners Guide | Bible Studies

You must learn, you must let God teach you, that the only way to get rid of your past is to make a future out of it. God will waste nothing.

Phillips Brooks

The biggest thing I struggled with as a new Christian was learning how to understand God’s word. My church gave me a bible, but I had no idea how to use it. Do I just open it up and start reading? How do I find the right passage?

Over time I learnt that studying the bible is the most effective way to understand and spend time with God. A naturally studious person, I bought myself a notebook, grabbed my favourite pen and dived in – it was difficult at first, reading passages about genealogies and trying to picture a multitude of ancient places and people in my mind. Over time it has become easier, I bought myself a KJV bible, and then finally a Christian Standard Version and as I read the words brought to life new understandings and a deeper commitment of my faith.

I’ll never forget how hard it was in the beginning though – and I shudder to think about how many new Christians have been turned away from God’s word because the mere thought of tackling such a phenomenal and complex text is too hard to fathom. So I have decided to put together a free reading guide, aimed at new Christians, to give them a level of scaffolding to use as the come to understand God’s word. I will be posting the guide on my instagram (@miss.millie.millie) as well as within a weekly blog post (released on Sunday of course) entitled 52 weeks with God | Understanding His word.

I would love to use the comments sections of these posts as an active forum where people can discuss their opinions, interpretations and raise questions that they may have. As a secondary math and science teacher, my education focused heavily in the realms of science and logic – I work at a state school, where faith is of little (or no) importance – so naturally I am constantly being asked questions designed to challenge my faith. I find these questions to be an excellent opportunity for deeper consideration of God’s word and I enjoy the educated debates that often accompany them. If you wish to comment (or respond to others) I ask that you use language that is respectful of others beliefs and conducive to educated discussion.

The first reading guide will be posted next week (December 1st), until then I encourage you to meditate upon the following;

Weekly Verse