My name is Millie, I’m a 24 year old Education student living and studying in the amazing tropics of North Queensland, Australia.

This is my blog… a place for me to put all the resources that I create for both myself and others.  If you are a Uni student feel free to help yourself to any of the summaries (if you have any questions jot it down in the comments section) – and if you are still in high school I’m slowly working my way through the curriculum and writing summaries. I’m based in Queensland Australia so at the moment I’m focusing on the Queensland curriculum which ties in with the content from the Jacaranda Maths Quest texts – I don’t think the curriculum differs that much between states, but if you’re from another state (or from overseas) and you’d like a summary on a particular topic send me a message and I’ll do my best to sort something out 🙂

Finally, here is a picture of me. It is a terrible photo – taken at the end of a verrrryyyy long welcome day last semester – but hopefully you get the general idea 🙂




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