The History of the Periodic Table: Rotating Group Work

Hellloooo Every one!!!

So I am just about to embark on my third and final week of placement and I have spent the entire weekend lesson planning, laminating, cutting, pasting and prepping like a mad woman #studentteacherlife

For my year 10 science I attempted to teach them to balance chemical equations last week and it was (no word of a lie) the most boring lesson ever! So I’ve decided to attempt to shake things up a little this week by running our first lesson of the week as a rotating group activity.

The three activities involve;

  1. Reading a text and pulling out key dates / people to create a timeline that details the history of the periodic table
  2. Balancing chemical equations using molymods (after the difficulty they faced balancing equations using multiples, I decided a more tactile, visual approach was in order)
  3. Creating a categorical system to organise given elements. Students will be given a random assortment of elements and be required to find a way of categorising them.


I used a number of resources for this activity, some I created and 2 I found online and dowloaded. For you convenience here they are…


To make things simpler I printed the assorted sheets on coloured paper (a different colour per activity) and laminated them –> then I created instruction cards that could be read by the students to explain how the activity would run (these are included at the end of the lesson plan). All work would be completed in the students workbooks, with the exception of the timeline which would be completed on a piece of A3 paper, and then hung on the classroom wall.


Well I hate to be blunt, but I still have an enormous amount of lesson planning to do for the upcoming week ❤ So I’m going to end this post here.

Have a beautiful week everyone !!

Namaste xx

The Sweetest Birthday Wall : #PunIntended

Good Morning all of you amazing people ❤


I have just finished my first of three weeks placement and it was intense 🙂

I have a lot of adjusting and lesson planning to work on so this week I’m going to do a nice simple post and share with you all my “sweet” ice cream birthday wall template ❤

I’ve seen a lot of variations of different birthday walls in classrooms, but the ice cream version has always been one of my favourites. I  used this one for the students I work with at my part time job (Outside School Hours Care) and they loved it (not to mention it looks really groovy pinned up on the wall in our building )

Birthday Wall Template_Miss MillieMillie

My top 10 (possible) Honeymoon Locations

Good Morning / Afternoon (depending on where in the world you are 😛 )

What a week! It’s school holidays so I’ve been flat out working vacation care at school and trying to write my lesson plans for prac (#studentteachingftw).

I’m using this “down time” to do some significant wedding planning and one of the trickiest things to decide is where my wonderful new hubby and I will go to celebrate once we’re done with all the crazy wedding magic. So I made a list of all the places I would love to go on honeymoon… summarised all the good and bad points and attempted to come to a conclusion – here we go…


  1. Bali

Honeymoon location - Pics

I love the idea of Bali. I’ve never been but it looks amazing.  I think the thing that draws me to Bali is the versatility of the country. There’s lush jungles, tropical beachside resorts, party hotspots (not that Scott and I party very much… the only thing that gets lit at our house is our scented candles (jokes – they’re too expensive to be lighting just willy nilly)). I love the ocean and I love equally love the rainforest. One of my best friend’s got married recently and she spent her honeymoon at a beautiful little rainforest villa in the hills above Byron Bay… if I could find something exactly like that, but within walking distance to the ocean, and shopping district, but still really private … I’d be happy.


  1. Jamaica

Honeymoon location - Pics-2

Every seen that movie, Cool Runnings? Well ever since I saw it as a child I have been in love with Jamaica. The people are beautiful and kind and the country itself is amazing. There is a tonne of hidden lagoons and secret waterfalls. We could go ziplining, tubing or on a safari adventure… the only thing is Jamaica has so much stuff to do – and although its beautiful – I’m not sure I want to spend my honeymoon adventuring. I love adventure and a little bit on our honeymoon would be nice… but I don’t want to be so exhausted I haven’t got any energy left for the more traditional honeymoon  activities 😉 …. Plus, flights from Townsville to Jamaica are hella expensive (around $8,000 return) .


  1. Greece

Honeymoon location - Pics

Mumma Mia, here I go again… I wish that the hostel that the women in Mumma Mia owned was a real place .. is it a real place? Imagine honeymooning there! The history in Greece is what draws me to it the most; Acropolis, the Delphi Ruins, Temple of Apollo, Parthenon, the list goes on… but I’m not sure how much pleasure Scott would get from looking at (in his words) “old things” all day. However, there is a lot of what I can only describe as “fishing tours” that I think he would enjoy… and I could always go shopping… but I don’t think that would be a very fun honeymoon L


  1. Paris

Honeymoon location - Pics-3

Hands up if you’ve ever heard mixed reports about Paris. The only reason this one made the list is because, again, when I was a little girl, I was in love with Beauty and the Beast … so of course I assumed that Paris was a magical land of singing candlesticks and bossy teapots. Now as an adult, I hear constant reports about Paris being a dirty, tourist filled hole, over run by prostitutes and poodle poo. But that little girl inside of me is still curious. I think Paris would be better left as a stop off on my travel-around-Europe girls trip (a brilliant idea that I just thought of, just this second) – but in terms of a honeymoon location – it doesn’t really make the cut.


  1. Fiji

Honeymoon location - Pics-4

Fiji is amazing. Scott and I took our first “couples getaway” there a few years ago now and it still holds a special spot in my heart. We stayed at three different resorts and spent our days sleeping, swimming and being naked. My only regret is that we didn’t spend any time outside of the resorts exploring the country… we did take a day cruise and explore the reef though – that was incredible. The people in Fiji are wonderful and friendly and always smiling. This is definitely a top runner in my honeymoon list, the only thing that stops it from being a definite pick is that I think I want a little more adventure on my honeymoon.


  1. Mexico

Honeymoon location - Pics-5

You know when Mr Big dumps Carrie on their wedding day, but she still decides to go to Mexico and spends her honeymoon with her girlfriends at that amazing resort !!! That’s what I now imagine all Mexican honeymoons to be like (not the getting dumped at the alter part… just the beautiful sunny resort part). It’s sunny, warm, there’s bound to be a coastal resort somewhere AND I could wear all of my colourful clothes and not stand out as much as I normally do (seriously… why is black active wear so popular?). We could visit that creepy La Isla de las Munecasand see the hundreds of hanging, decomposing, decapitated dolls and to calm ourselves down afterwards (because that would be super scarey) we could visit the hidden beach (or lovers’ beach) and Cenote Xkeken. Mexico is pretty close to the top of my list … adventure, history, romance – it’s got it all !


  1. Thailand

Honeymoon location - Pics-6

Cultured, historic, fun-loving and friendly… Thailand has rainforests, beaches, history and lots of luxury resorts. Most importantly it is the home of Thai food (which is my second favourite sort of food… right after chico rolls). How romantic would it hire a gondola (is it still called a gondola when you’re not in Venice?) and row around the waters of Railay? We could visit the markets during the day and sit sipping cocktails, watching the sun set from our deluxe resort room’s patio in the evening. The only thing that turns me off Thailand is the wealth of reports I hear about animal abuse for the sake of tourism.  I don’t agree with torturing and drugging animals just for the sake of a good selfie or two.


  1. Caribbean

Honeymoon location - Pics-7

For a girl who loves the ocean I think it is incredible that I have never been to the Caribbean. There is a forest filled with clouds, submarine tours, moonlight dive trips and volcano sight-seeing explorations. We could hire a house boat and spend our entire honeymoon floating around pretending to be characters from Pirates of the Caribbean. Anguilla, a British West Indies island, has virtually untouched beaches and is popular with rich famous people (… so it’s probably out of my budget ) and Antigua  is a sailor’s paradise with resorts famous for their sophisticated, romantic atmospheres. The only down side (like Jamaica) flights alone are crazy expensive (and long)… I think I’ll put this one in the 5 year anniversary destination list instead!


  1. Hawaii

Honeymoon location - Pics-8

The perfect way to visit the USA without actually visiting the USA (this whole Trump thing is out of control!). Beaches, spas, volcanoes and plenty of beautiful hiking trails – Hawaii is another one pretty close to the top of the list. Plus there is an Outrigger Resort on Waikiki Beach (which is fun to say). Hawaii also has Pearl Harbour, which is on my bucket list of places to go and a rich cultural history that I find fascinating. Some people like to go swimming with sharks, not really my thing, but we could get onboard with a submarine tour (pun intended) or just spend our days spa-hopping.


  1. New Zealand

Honeymoon location - Pics-9

Yay, saved the best for last! New Zealand is an adventurous, lord-of-the-rings loving country, jam packed with things to do. Kayaking, sailing, diving, bungee jumping… pretty much any sort of dare devilling adventure sport can be found in New Zealand.. not to mention it’s such a quaint little country we could just hire a car and see the whole thing in under 2 weeks. Hobbiton and the Weta Workshop would obviously be our first stops, and seeing the snow falls on the South Island are a close second. The only thing that turn me off is that with so much to see and do, I don’t think we’d find much time to relax and just enjoy each other’s company… it would be amazing and fun – just not exactly romantic.




So … after all of this research I’ve managed to narrow it down to either: New Zealand or Thailand OR Tasmania (not on my original list- but looks pretty amazing)- but it all depends on what Scott thinks (apparently the Groom is allowed to have an opinion…).

Ideally I think a cruise around Fiji / Bali / Thailand would be ideal because it would (1) cover three of my main locations (2) remove the hassle of packing up and changing resorts (because we’d be on a boat) and (3) provide plenty of romance ❤ ❤ <3… then again making love in front of a fire in a snow lodge in Tasmania is also pretty high on my to-do list (in case you haven’t gauged from my previous posts I am incredibly indecisive)…

Do you know of any incredible honeymoon locations?? PLEASE HELP ME!!! My main priorities are (1) must be luxurious (2) must be relaxing (3) must be romantic, and (4) must not be ridiculously overpriced (because you know … Uni student!).

That’s all from me this week guys (see I told you I’d post every Monday 😉 )

Have a beautiful week!

Namaste xx





My Student Teacher Binder : #CutenessOverload


So, next week I go on prac (aka. practical experience / placement) for 3 weeks!!! I have spent almost the entire school holidays prepping like a boss and not only have I written a butt-load of lesson plans I have also taken the time to make sure my Portfolio and Class Planners look 100% amazing.

This year (inspired by my wedding theme.. tropical cocktail (incase you were wondering)) I have decided to go with a baby pink, green leaf,  flamingo scheme.

I bought 5 plastic display folders to use as my Class Planners (essentially a place to store my unit overview, lessons plans and student resources) and created an individual cover for each. As an example this is what the cover for my Year 12 Physics class looks like:

Year 12


The covers for my remaining classes look identical, the only difference being the class details. ..

Class Binder
Thought I’d take a picture to show you all the finished Class Planners ❤ I got a bit excited with the PhotoBooth app (that’s why there are hearts floating above my head!)

The Class Planner covers I designed using Canva (a free online program which is great for making covers, posters, website headers etc.). I made the design public so anybody can copy and edit the original to suit their own needs – you will need to have a Canva membership and be logged in.

To access the editable Class Planner Cover click here!

After I had created my Class Planners, I designed the cover pages of my Portfolio binder to match…


To access the editable version of the Portfolio binder covers click here.

Well that’s all from me this week ❤

Have a wonderful week everyone !

Namaste xx


My 3 Most Epic Failures: and how I overcame them…

What ?! 2 blog posts in one week 😛 This is bananas.

Ok so, I got a bit excited last week and posted on Friday instead of Monday … which is why it might seem like I’ve gone a little bonkers writing blog posts left right and centre – but everyone stay calm… I promise after I post this there won’t be any more posts until next Monday ❤

I’ve spent my entire day writing a unit plan for the year 12 physics class I have to teach on prac… let me tell you nothing makes you feel more like a dummy than forcing your brain to try and remember all of the concepts encompassed by nuclear radioactivity… well enough to teach it to a room full of 16 year old geniuses! Golly… when I was told to not worry because “you can just learn it the night before..” I have a sneaking suspicion that teacher never taught senior physics 😀

BUT this entire unit planning exercise got me thinking about all of the other things I’m not great at (very depressing topic – sorry guys!) and then my tired little brain started thinking about all the times I’ve epically failed at life. You know those moments in life when you do something and then afterwards you think to your self  “oh dear… that probably wasn’t the smartest choice”.

Being the optimist I am.. I decided to write down all of my epic life failures and do some detective work to figure out how exactly I got myself through it … *que Kelly Clarkson vocals* …”what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…. na na naa na na”… and it made me feel amazing. Looking back at the tough times and realising that I made it through was a really uplifting experience so I decided I’d share some of my realisations with you ❤


1. The naked-in-public highschool experience:

In reality this one could have been a lot worse. I was in year 9 (I think) and we had to go to the swimming pool to do some sort of swimming thing (I assume). I was in my little change room getting changed and just as I was in the nudey I bent over to put my swimmers on, my bare bottom bumped the door and it swung wide open for all of my classmates to see. Now firstly, the change room was not unisex so it was only my female classmate present (thank the lord) and secondly, I’ve always had swift reflexes so I was able to slam the door closed in what I think would have been less than 3 seconds – however, when you’re 15 and naked 3 seconds might as well be 3 lifetimes. The change room erupted in laughter and I was so embarrassed I had to be coaxed out by my teacher – even now as I’m writing this my cheeks are going red.

How did I overcome this epic life fail?

Glad you asked! Like most embarrassing high school experiences the best thing to heal the embarrassment is time. This story has gone from being one of the most embarrassing moments of my life to one of my funniest life stories (best retold with my best girlfriends and a bottle of wine). So if you’re reading this, and you’re in high school and you feel like your life sucks right now – trust me when I say it will get better ❤ ❤ ❤


2. The makeup experiment

This is a tough one.  But very relatable, for most people (particularly women). There are countless times when I’ve seen some beautiful instagram personality and thought “that’s what I want to look like” then I’ve gone out, purchased some sort of magical makeup up, watched 5 youtube videos and thought “yes, I’ve got this”. Then I’ve gone out in public looking like an absolute silly-head (literally). The amount of times I’ve drawn on my eyebrows too dark, or put on so much blush that I look like a circus clown is uncountable AND the worst thing is that I usually don’t notice it until I’m out and about. I’ll be in the middle of a shopping centre, realise my makeup fail, and walk home with my bio-degradable woolies bag pulled firmly down over my head.

How did I handle this one?

Well, to be honest, I don’t think I’m ever going to be great at doing makeup. Some women have a gift – I’m not one of them. Again, I think the older I get, the more I don’t care what I look like. I have a wonderful, devoted fiancé who adores my goofy natural face, and (as hard as it is) I’ve learnt to love it too.


3. Dropping Out of Med School

For a long time I considered this to be my biggest life fail. I tried it for a year, wasn’t sure. Tried it for another 6 months and decided it wasn’t for me. I think the reason this hurt me so much is because I had alway been told I was the “smart one” and in a family of 8 kids – being the smart one is a pretty big deal. I felt like I had let the world down.

What next?

It took a long time and a lot of soul searching but eventually I worked out that my happiness doesn’t depend on how other people feel about me (yes I know it’s a cliche). I took some time off, started studying education and now I can honestly say I’ve found the path my life was meant to follow ❤ When I look back it terrifies me to think what would of happened if I hadn’t realised I wasn’t made to be a doctor. Would I have finished my medical degree, began working and been miserable for the rest of my life? Medicine isn’t just a career it’s a lifestyle and I have the utmost respect for my classmates who made it through – but it just wasn’t for me. My soul is headed in a different direction.


So there you have it my 3 most epic life fails (or were they?). I have a lot more life lessons I could write about but I think I’m going to save them for another day. No doubt I have  a lot of lessons still to learn and if nothing else, this little reflection exercise has taught me that no matter how bad things might seem at the time – when you’re at your lowest of lows … the only way to go is up ❤  and things will always get brighter ❤ ❤ ❤

Have a beautiful day everyone ❤ ❤ ❤

Namaste x

Career or Babies?


Wowzers what a semester! I honestly thought I would be able to commit to my “one blog post a week” pledge (boy was I wrong 😂). This semester absolutely smashed me and I have so many half written blog posts it’s literally a joke. But I’m back and although I am seriously behind on my lesson planning (student teaching FTW 💕) this particular post has been tumbling around in my head for a while now and I given the mass of feminist media I’ve seen floating around of late I thought I’d add to the noise and put my two-cents worth out there…

As I’m sure many women before me have come to realise, there comes a time in (almost) every young ladies life where you’ll wake up one day and BAM! BABIES EVERYWHERE!!! For me this day came around a few months ago now, and ever since my little feminist soul has been beating that prehistoric motherly instinct down – and for the most part it’s working.

Here’s a list of the things I’ve been telling myself;

  1. You can’t finish Uni and have a baby – you’ll go crazy
  2. You can’t have a baby and start you’re career at the same time – you’ll go crazy
  3. Scott has sacrificed a lot of things to help put you through Uni and he deserves to treat himself (buy a fancy ass boat) before having to support me AND a baby again (lets face it if I have a baby now I’m not going to have time to work up any maternity leave).
  4. I want to travel the world
  5. I don’t want to have kids too early and end up as one of those mothers who resents her children for stealing her youth (based on true events)

I think that list is pretty fair. It’s reasonable, takes into account the feelings of both Scott and myself and it doesn’t write off children all together – just delays them. Clearly I’m pro career ❤

But it got me thinking if I wanted to have a baby right now… why the heckers does that mean I can’t have a career?

If I wanted to have a baby why does that mean that I’d have to give up my dreams?

Why can men successfully juggle their careers and parenthood, but when a woman tries to do it it’s still considered mind blowingly shocking! THIS ISN’T THE 1920s!!!

This led me into my next thought which was how masculine our society is. Everything from our surnames (we traditionally take our fathers last name) to a deck of a cards (Kings are worth more than Queens) portray this image of men as the dominant sex.

This isn’t any different in the education industry. The majority of Australian principals are male – and if you are a female principal or deputy principal it is assumed that you must have stepped on people to get to the position you’re in (aka. You must be a proper B.I.T.C.H) Side note: when a woman is bossy and straight up she’s a bitch, but when a man does the same he’s professional and explicit – my goodness gracious, how ridiculous! (fyi. It was a FEMALE teacher that told me that for any female teacher to rise up she must step on her colleagues – classic example of how we, as women are hurting the feminist cause! )

But the worst thing about our society is how much women hate on other women.  If we want to move forward as an equal society we need to realise that there is a difference between critique and bullying. For example I can critique Kim K’s promotion of appetite suppressing lollipops because I think it is an extremely detrimental image for her to be portraying to her millions of young, impressionable followers. On the other hand, all you need to do is browse Kim K’s social media and you’ll find countless examples of women hating on her because she’s “fake” or “stupid” or “ugly” – this is clear cut bullying. I’m not a Kardashian fan – but I am a feminist – and my strongest feminist belief is that we need to stick together. We will never be equal with men if we continue to put each other down. Odds are, those people writing nasty comments have never met, spoken to or even laid their own eyes on Kim. K – and even if they have – I’d bet my life’s savings that they’re not perfect 👊. If Kim wants to get butt injections and dance naked and get paid in candy – then I say you go girl! You do you boo (yes another MAF reference, #DavinaFTW) . That goes for all women – and perfectly leads into my next point…

Why should women have to change the way we look, or dress a certain way, not only to be accepted (duck that) but to be safe!! Lisa Wilkinson, from The Project, did a very compelling piece on the inequalities that exist in our society when it comes to victims of crime. Although it feels a lot like propaganda and has a lot of examples of sexism against males, it does bring to light the different ways the media portrays victims of violent attacks… “When a man is attacked it’s all about the attacker (coward punch scenario) but when a woman is attacked it is all about the victim (why was she there? Why didn’t she take steps to protect herself etc.). This all comes back to men being the dominant sex. Men are viewed as powerful, women are vulnerable. Men are strong, women are weak. Men are safe, women need to be protected.

Biologically, men are stronger than women (they’ve got more testosterone – it’s just the way it is) – but in a society run by keyboards and intellect, not swords and strength – do men really have the upper hand? The world is changing and it’s my hope that in the future questions such as the one I pondered at the very start of this post will become a non-issue. Women won’t need to question whether they should pursue a career or start a family – they can just do as they please without the fear of being left behind by professionally.

Wow … that got a bit ranty… but this is such a deep issue, and it’s really difficult to know when to stop. I’d love to hear everyone else’s thoughts so if you have a conflicting opinion or different takes on anything I’ve written about please don’t hesitate to drop me a line in the comments!

Have a beautiful day!

Namaste xx


Post Script: How Kim K portrays herself on social media and the effect this has on the feminist movement – I think we can all agree – isn’t great. I’m using her in this context to make a point, not because I think she is a good role model for young women!


Free Printable Teacher Binder

Good Afternoon lovelies ❤

Inspired by my recent placement I decided to make this binder to help me plan and collect student information quickly and easily –> in an adorable fashion (of course) ❤ ❤ ❤

I love sharing resources and I’m planning on sharing more and more resources (lesson plans, worksheets etc.) so stay tuned ! For now, here’s the most adorable teacher binder you’ve ever seen ❤

Teacher BinderTeacher Binder1Teacher Binder2Teacher Binder3Teacher Binder4Teacher Binder5


DOWNLOAD HERE ❤  Teacher Binder

I’m super busy with assessment and student society web design (if you’re a JCU student check out the EDSS page ❤ ) but I’ll do my best to keep to my 1 post a week promise ❤

Thats all from me ! Have an amazing day !

Namaste xx